Cool for Cats

So I went into my studio the other morning to fire up the rig, full of creative juice, coffee and leftover curry.  As I switched on the main power feed, there was this strange buzzing sound coming from one of the multi-gang sockets, followed by a exclamation of disappointment by the small persons watching TV in the other room as the power went off.

I thought I’d better investigate – obviously, one of the plugs has somehow come loose and is creating some kind of short circuit.  So, I switched off the offending feed, reset the trip and crawled behind the rig.  Nope, all the mains plugs and ‘wall-warts’ seemed to be pushed well home.  However, I lifted up one of the multi-gangs so as to be able to access further cables beneath when I became conscious of some liquid dribbling out of the plastic casing.  As I tilted the casing further, the dribbling turned into more of a flow.  And then I noticed the smell.  Yes. Cat piss.

The little furry bastards.

It was everywhere.  They’d evidently decided that the level of service they were getting from their human servants was not quite up to the standard they now aspired to.  As such, they decided on a plan to effectuate the most amount of disruption to my creativity and musical enjoyment, with the very least of effort on their part.  It must have been quite a little party in there behind the racks – like a couple of inebriated disaffected youths breaking into posh houses, depravedly smearing excrement on walls and furniture.

So a massive clean-up operation ensued, whereby I had to strip the studio, remove all the cabling, disposing of that which was affected (which was quite a lot) and then deep-clean the room.

So far, I have not found the time to get back in there and set it all up again, so the kit is simply sat there, clean, unconnected, and dormant.  And so it shall remain until I can find a good run of about three days to re-install.

Needless to say, both cats are now stuffed and framed next to the entrance to the studio.

To their credit, however, it has given me a chance to reassess my workflow and reconfigure the studio accordingly.  When one has such an ad-hoc collection of gear as mine, several configurations are likely to be trialled before settling on a final installation and, even then, there is always room for improvement.  But no longer any room for cats.

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